2am is a skincare company that provides targeted scientific solutions to each and every individual to achieve younger and healthier skin.

2:00am is when the skin is most active in the skin renewal process. 2am seeks to provide an effective and tailored skincare solution to each and every individual, no matter gender, race, or lifestyle, we want to be part or your journey to younger and healthier skin.


Lionel de Benetti
2AM Chief Scientist
Brand Founder

LIONEL DE BENETTI has been a global standard bearer in product development within the beauty industry. With over 40 years in the industry, he has dedicated his life to the medical, biological and chemical sciences behind skincare, and one of the longest serving General Manager of Laboratories at a prestigious global cosmetics conglomerate. During his tenure, he developed many of the industry's defining products we see today. Lionel has over 20 skincare patents accredited to him, but he remains fervently passionate, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation.