For more than 40 years, Lionel has dedicated himself to the medical, biological and chemical sciences behind skincare.It is in the satisfaction of the customers, that have put their trust in him and his products, that has fueled his perpetual passion.It is this passion that drives him to take risk, to fail, and fail again, but it is only in learning from our error can we seek to approach perfection, and here in 2AM he presents his latest offerings.

"A rigorous formula where each ingredient selected plays a role in the efficacy, sensoriality and safety of the product."

- Lionel De Benetti


To offer an sensorial experience with visible results. Lionel has always insisted on "effective simplicity," keeping to the essentials while focusing on purity and purpose.

It is an understated art that Lionel has perfected over the years, applicable across varied skin types and conditions, a flexible mix and match solution to personalized skincare.


Our 2AM laboratory is based in Paris, France. From there we comb the world for potential active ingredients for testing and formulation, in search of the most balanced and effective formula.

Engaging Lionel's 46 years of industry expertise, we are able to gather the latest and most advanced ingredients from global leading suppliers. 2AM sources 100% of our ingredients from direct and proprietary sources, to guarantee the quality, stability, and efficacy of our products.